We are at war to give freedom back to the people.

Consciously. Financially. Emotionally.

We are at war to give freedom back to the people.

Consciously. Financially. Emotionally.

I came, I saw, I conquered.

Ecom Agora's vision, mission, and philosophies...


he ultimate guide to an individual's purpose and whether it really matters. This blueprint will include everything. If you want to be successful, your purpose has to matter to you. 

Man’s search for meaning - Our primary drive is not pleasure, but the discovery and pursuit of what we personally find meaningful. We want to know the meaning of our existence, our purpose and our place on earth.

Our collective principles must prevail. Your ideas matter too. Your ideas are already victorious. You are not bad and need to become good. You are already good and contain everything you need to reach the success you crave. You just have to let it happen. But before that happens, there’s a problem.

Problem - Education systems are not educating people. 

Before there is victory, there are obstacles. 

Vision - $100 million in annual client revenue. Best product on the market for the average person. Life-changing experience for the customer. Our impact is bigger than all of us. Our message will echo through history. 

Impact at a high scale.

Mission - “To collectively educate every human on earth.” 

The end of the road.



undamental beliefs & foundation for individuals, teams, profit, decision-making, and daily outcomes.

Better to die fighting for freedom than be a prisoner all the days of your life. 

Customer Obsessed - What’s best for the customer is best for everyone.

Maximum Effort - Commit fully, work hard, take initiative, and get things done.

Never Accept Mediocrity - Great isn’t good enough. In the relentless pursuit of perfection, do what you need to do to make it better. 

Long Term Thinking - Make short term sacrifices for long-term success. 

Question Everything - Ask why and hold nothing sacred in the pursuit of truth. Never practice conformity. Innovate or die.

Play The Game - In the game, the heart is entertained. In the game, you are entertained.

Quieting The Ego - Observe non-judgmentally. Don’t try too hard. And let your natural self take control. Easy work.

Winning At All Costs - Outwork your competition. Overcome obstacles. And win every day without excuses. 

Learn To Focus - Fighting the mind doesn’t work. Learn to laser focus it. Focus on the present and eliminate distraction.

Be Scientific - Reason from philosophy, use data, test, and iterate. 

Health is Wealth - Practice mind-body dualism. Your well being is most precious.

Manifesto From Ecom Agora Founders

There really is only so much the soul can handle until it squints, and then shuts... forever. Illusions,  injustices, and broken systems. Authority flourishes while man suffers. Poisons of envy and greed seek to destroy all that is magnificent. Pessimism is purposefully spread deep into the farthest abysses of our being- and instinct. 

The world isn't your friend. Don't be so ready to accept the reality you're presented with. There's a universal war taking place on your brain and instinctive zest for life. Slaughter & degradation prevails where there is no set aspiration for human freedom. 

But nature can be fathomed. In all truly successful people, instinct is the strongest affirmative voice and freedom. That's why we've assembled an Agora (community) dedicated to directing all your manifestations of will, all that goes on in the human heart... to win back your freedom - united in the language of a $4.3 trillion dollar eCommerce industry. Our founder, pursued by callings of sheer instinct built an 8-figure online business before his 18th birthday- from absolute zero. Proving the phenomenon that the human spirit that isn't just conditioned to "survive," and despite any circumstances, more is possible. More significance. More choices. More flexibility. More freedom.

  And we look to the profound genius of the Greeks to break the spell cast on modern man. We choose to learn from the pioneers of philosophy and conquest. We set Socrates as our exemplar, who prompted generation after generation to replace pessimism with the thirst for knowledge. We believe that man's highest power and most admirable and noble gift is his ability to learn. The brain is a muscle. If instructed correctly, levels of greatness are possible. Alexander the Great, the most brilliant military leader of all time, student of Aristotle, used his ancient gut instinct to stretch his empire across half of the world.

Knowledge + Instinct = The Killer Mindset we've predictably instilled in our students to generate over $22 million in verified sales.

Man is capable of anything. If limitations of the human mind are negated- the consciousness is free to take you where you please. And the first step of freedom is putting the past out of play to define a new psychological resolution. To avoid fear. To ditch the motives of self-preservation. Conquer anxiety and anguish! Apprehend the real and effective motives which in the darkness of outwardly manipulated subconscious determine daily action. 

Instead, trust yourself to get in the mode-of-becoming... to transform into what you will to be. 

If you set ONLY ONE future outcome for your life- the only thing separating you from it is time. Annihilate the other possibilities. Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And true freedom is acting on your resolutions and motives. 

So it is your responsibility to not abandon your freedom. Make freedom your value by acting as such. Fight with us against the carefully placed ill-constituted distractions of society, media, and big corporations. Let's make your life a masterpiece- without excuse.

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